Best Supporting Actor

by Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent

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Summer 2013. Phil Nettle and I decided to take advantage of our roommate-vacant homes and record a CD. Along the way, a bunch of Tallahassee musicians, and other musicians I've known for some time, were willing to contribute their talents and time. After a year of work, we have completed this album. And I'm really glad to have everyone hear it now.


released October 21, 2014

All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, pianos, Hammond organ, drums, and percussion by Jordan Esker, unless noted otherwise or *additionally noted.
All songs engineered and produced by Phil Nettle and Jordan Esker, unless noted otherwise or *additionally noted, in various houses around Tallahassee and Tampa, Fl.
Mastered by Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
**Mixed by Chris Bracco
***Mixed by Jordan Esker and Phil Nettle

**Stay in Line
*Vocals: Vincent Montemarano
*Drum Engineering: Michael Sheehan

Drums: Miguel Vasquez
*Guitar, *Vocals: Phil Nettle
Drum Engineering: Spencer Wills

**Not in Love
*Vocals: Bob Judalena
Drums: Kevin Lee
Bass: Jake Dane
*Percussion: Vincent Montemarano
Drum Engineering: Spencer Wills

*Harmony: Bob Judalena
*Percussion: Vincent Montemarano
*Drum Engineering: Michael Sheehan

***Keep it Down
*Vocals: Adam Schweitzer, Bob Judalena

**The Little Bit that Counts
Drums: Reo Morris
Double Bass: Cody Gibson
Choir: Florida State University Gospel Choir

Drums: Vincent Montemarano
Electric Guitar: Chris Carhart
*Vocals: Bob Judalena
*Drum Engineering: Michael Sheehan

***I Couldn't
Electric guitar: Chris Carhart

**Flesh & Bone
Drums and *Percussion: Vincent Montemarano
*Drums Engineering: Michael Sheehan

***Not Fate



all rights reserved


Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent Tampa, Florida



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Track Name: Stay in Line
Stay in line, I don’t want to miss your brother’s show
Stay in line, we’re just going to grab some things that we left in the car
That we hid in some bags.
We’ll come back, I swear, just stay in line.

Positive messages can be just pep talking.
How are they relevant when I am illstricken
Cuz everybody can’t be strong (Hate to be that person to you)
Sometimes I don’t wanna sing along (Hate to be that person to you)
We don’t always have to get along (Hate to be that person to you)
Get lazy and don’t show
Sometimes you can’t get it all done

I don’t lose sleep through the night
If they ain’t having fun, they ain't doing it right
I play BPMs that I want
I don’t give a fuck if they’re dancing, I might
Maybe I’ll give them what they want
I’d love to be your night’s highlight

Stay in line; stay on course don't distract
Stay in line; That often can require ignoring the voice in your head
Cuz it's not your friend; I've learned that.
It doubts all the good for its inches of bad
It's why you're here now leaving the line
So stay in line
Track Name: Forehead
You can french kiss for pleasure; you can hold an ass, caress a chest.
Even clench hair or hold a face for pleasure.
But you can’t kiss a forehead. You can’t hold my head to your chest
and kiss my forehead.
That was endearing, and it felt promise.

But assuming a promise is the most damaging thing
a person can do to himself, never working outside of words.
I will always fear feeling this way about someone.

I will fear the mistakes that I may have made in presenting myself.
Because I really don’t know if I believe if it should happen it will.

All my approaches are split solutions.

Why did you have to be so addicted to new beginnings?
I just want the struggle of new security.
Track Name: Not in Love
When you don’t let me know that you feel for me
I overcompensate to make sure that you’re pleased.
Say it all you want but I try too
To tell my conscience it’s right
Assuming you love me too.

Don’t want to jump to conclusions
But my mind won’t let me erase it.
You’ve got to reach out in different ways
Or I won’t know.

I’m not in love with you yet (not in love with you yet)

So what does that mean for us, when it’s only been seven months?
Of course we love each other.
But after all the food and sex you might find that you’re not in love.

How do I differ between intuition
And all my irrational insecurity?
We gave our bodies and hearts
Before a wedding ring.
Between devotion and self-preservation.

I’m not in love with you yet (not in love with you yet)
You're not in love with me yet.
Track Name: Periwinkle
I could have you back, and all I have to do is just say yes.
But I'm confused as to which moment represents you.
No one believes or has confidence in me,
because it doesn't seem like I'm devastated.
I'd spend endless amounts of being attached to you,
just point and I will make that mark.

It's too bad we didn't fall in love yet.

You never let your guard down.
I guess that's why I never stopped being jealous
of even your friends, whom you received excitedly
and me, well it was always just me.

Sorry babe, but you have to do that.
More sets being in love aside from being inside.
I hate sounding selfish but people require certain things,
and you never really made me feel special.
So I guess that's why we didn't fall in love yet.

Too bad we didn't fall in love yet.

Tell me good things about myself, build me like no one can.
Using all those same words that I know no other woman can.
Track Name: Keep it Down
I need to keep this to myself. I can't let anybody know.
Grow attached. Split away.
Track Name: The Little Bit That Counts
If I read that more it wouldn’t help my sores.
This book doesn’t listen to me.
So I talk to myself in a footnote on my shelf
That holds my personal recorder.
I make sounds to confess internally-focused stress
That makes me grind my teeth at night.
But I will never speak such sensitivity
To those I love personally.

Cuz I’m always holding a little bit back.
Whether it’s saying what I mean or choking up when I’m needed.
I'm always holding a little bit back.
As if saying sorry was too much to ask,
But you shouldn’t have asked. Cuz now it’ll mean nothing.

Never gave my mom more than a card myself,
I don’t want her to miss me too much.
But when I board that plane, Columbus to Tampa Bay,
I won’t kiss her on the cheek.

Cuz I’m always holding a little bit back (Always holding a little bit back).
As I'm wondering about the love that I'll get back.
I be always holding a little bit back (Always holding a little bit back).
As if others showing they valued me was abhorred.

Nothing comes easy with a straight mind (The person gap; I've bridged it yet)

I don’t want it to last. Grow up, warm up, mature past.
Track Name: Exactly
I attribute half of my day just to draw on the joyful memories of
Spending a check on joining us.
Sorry I didn’t pay for gas, I tried to do my part.
Pardon my telling you to be nice to your mom, I was trying.

But don’t feel you’re getting in the way, cuz I thought we should cross those lines.
Understand when it’s not my place,
I just want to prove my value cuz you’re valuable to me.

The last time you crawled off my bed you didn’t see me
Reach my hand in wishing reality didn’t exist.
Can’t wait for it, our bodies puzzle pieced once again.
Comfortable is the word of our foundation.

We’re testing the pillars we quickly built.
As we’re living lives so different.
Jealousy is always my problem,
Cuz I want to prove my value cause you’re valuable to me.

I want to set you free but I don’t want it to be any more painful for me.
So please take it properly when I tell you not to treat me so sweetly.
Track Name: I Couldn't
I’d like to hear if I did something for you.
Boost your confidence; make you aggressive towards him.
Because then I think, no way were you like this before.
By now you’d have pissed off the whole damn town.

Is that not the case?

Maybe if we'd met up in New Orleans.
And at that bar we’d have flirted a little more.
Clouded judgment, instead of at dinner the next day
When you apparently found some things you didn’t like about me.

Is that not the case?

Them lasting, that kind of settled me.
Cuz now I can think her a decent perso.n
But with no heart, and no tact, she can’t gain my respect.
And expect me to move on just yet.

Is that not the case?

I didn’t know that I’d turn out the same way.
But when you treat them all the same, that’s what you expect.
But when you treat them all the same, that's what you get.
Track Name: Flesh & Bone
I want to ask you what made you lose interest in me
But these social norms keep me from doing that.
I have to put up a front like I’m not affected
And cut off all communication.
What makes me think I ever got to know you?
I guess I had no other you to compare to.

Wounds are leaving so fast.
Slightly addicted to surface.
The time it takes, it takes time.
But that’s lessened when all you cared for

Was not underneath.
And you won’t respond to me.
Or follow my lead.

All the money I dropped the mind I paid towards
Maneuvering our interaction,
Was another investment I made according to
The salesman in my head that bases all on looks.

You didn't meet my expectations.
Some things I said I'd never make again.
But in the heat of the beginning,
I can't possibly do enough calculating.

Now think back if there ever was a change in opinion.
Where did she display an interest beyond the flesh?
"Just flesh and bone" my father always said.
And it’s flesh and bone I’ll judge 'til I’m appreciated.

I'll judge 'til I'm appreciated.
Track Name: Not Fate
Behold a drenched cast in the sun.
That's the state of a vacant mind.
It's rehashing old love to fill the space.
Keep it down but I've learned anorexia.
To avoid the subject bulge, I lay awake.
Wish it wasn't even a subject.
How the curvature of a face,
Gets stuck in your head when you do more than see it.

But if I have to be alone to do what I am supposed to do
The thoughts still marinate; can I just let them bake?
I'll stay inspired when I see them grow,
A packed house not a broken home,
Not staring at the sink, at a single, clean, white plate.

Try to keep the letter "I" out of my speech.
Spent too much time with my head, write about what I know.
But I'd do anything for a laugh when I'm on stage,
So I don't do this for myself.
And admitting things to friends when I'm baked,
That's just readying myself for death.
And maybe I can prove to myself,
I don't have to fall in love to write the rest of this song.

Please God, I pray for direction, not for fate.